Let’s Talk About Exhaust Noise

Motorcycling is becoming more popular as a leisure activity. It is true that a number of motorcycles on the road have dwindled. This might seem a bad omen for the industry and riders. But it is not. The motorcycling is in the midst of transitioning from a mode of transportation into an activity. While fewer people are using bikes for the commute, the number of enthusiasts that ride for fun and excitement is growing.

In motorcycling, you cannot separate the activity from the appreciation of the exhaust sound. The sound of the exhaust is one of the things that makes motorcycling attractive. The wind, the momentum, the balance, and the way the bike purrs or growls with the adjustment of the throttle makes you feel on with the bike.

Aside from making rides more exhilarating, exhaust sound can also be a tool for safety, as it makes other motorists more aware of your presence. However, very loud exhaust noise is illegal on the road. Even race tracks use a sound meter to limit noise. Exhaust sound must be tuned to pass regulations. Whether it is on the road or on the race track

Keeping the exhaust sound within acceptable ranges is not only about following regulations. It is about respecting other people when on the road. As motorcyclists, we are vulnerable. It is natural to want other people to be considerate of us. In return, we must also be considerate of them. As much as we enjoy listening to the sound of our bikes, we have to respect other people’s wishes to have a comfortable drive to work. The overly loud exhaust does nobody a favor. It is hard to get anybody’s consideration or respect when we don’t respect their desire for a peaceful commute.

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